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The Wilson Profile is not a ball you are going to hear a lot about. If it is available, you will certainly come across it. Its price is preferable, despite the shipping costs. But what you’ll end up saying to yourself is why Titleist, Callaway, Bridgestone, don’t pack their balls the same way?

What is the Wilson profile?


With 79% 5-star reviews, this seems to be the best golf ball available on Amazon. And yet so hard to find. I had spotted it a while ago, but by the time I bought it, the ball was out of stock. Of course, I tried to find out a little more. But, from my experience, Wilson US and Europe have their own means of communication and unless they want to get in touch with you, you can always wait for them to answer you. Besides, I’m still waiting.

The Wilson Profile ball, according to the information provided on the box and on the Amazon page, is a distance ball with a soft touch. (clearing of throat). Not really. It’s not a rock like the TopFlite XL distance, but it’s a far cry from a Pinnacle Soft.

The durability of the Wilson Profile

All the bullet tests I do happen the same way. I compare the price per unit, the description, I test it on the course and then proceed to a durability test which consists of 10 outings from the bunker with the same ball. This last test will purge if the casing holds up over distance.

After 10 affiliate bunker exits, a small free scratch in yellow on the image.

Here the Wilson Profile has only a very slight mark on the cover, far from sufficient to alter the characteristics of the ball.

The cardboard packaging for 36 balls that does it all.

wilson box profile

We have to talk about this box, this packaging! A simple cardboard box, in which the balls are distributed in 6 rows. The packaging is simple and breaks the codes of traditional golf ball box packaging. No need to repack by 3 the balls that are already in a box. Decathlon does it with its balls like the Inesis 100 or 500. Why don’t the others do it? For prestige? We could tell them that less packaging is less heavy to transport, that a cardboard box is cheaper to produce.

Finally, whatever happens my balls never stay very long in their box but will join the pocket of my bag.

Buy, list or move on?

The Wilson Profile has many assets to seduce; a purchase price below 1.50€, a more than correct resistance, a simple packaging without frills, nor too much marketing.

If you managed to get past the glove that came with it, I found this offer for you on Amazon.fr. Afterwards, the balls must be available for sale again.

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