With his 1,000 hp Volkswagen Golf, he literally drops the supercars!

Is it the ultimate sleeper? This discreet Volkswagen Golf Variant hides formidable mechanics, with a VR6 of more than 1,000 horsepower!

The volkswagen golf of the fourth generation is a fairly compact all-purpose vehicle, and above all is talked about with its R32 version, equipped with a 241 horsepower VR6 engine. But it has never been declined in break version, called Variant, like this model which hides many surprises.

Indeed, under her gray dress and with her appendages straight out of a catalog of 2000s tuning : black OZ Ultraleggera rims, headlight masks, deletion of the acronyms, rear spoiler, oversized twin exhaust outlets, body-built spoilers and shields, this golf variant would go almost unnoticed on a Sunday supermarket parking lot rally.

Think again: this particular copy hides a formidable preparation, which would calm the ardor of many supercar owners. We also distinguish, behind its license plate which has been slightly moved, a large scoop cut out with a grinder which allows to bring fresh air to the imposing Treadstone intercooler, placed behind the shield.

Volkswagen Golf Variant: a VR6 with more than 1,000 horsepower

The current owner of this rocket on wheels, which we find at the wheel in this video, bought this car already prepared from a Danish enthusiast. He went to dig into a Volkswagen Golf IV R32 to recover many organs, which he then transposed into his Golf station wagon.

We discover under its hood the VR6 engine of 3.2 liters of displacement, but which is no longer entirely original since it has received, among other things, an imposing turbo Garrett G42-1450, a throttle body from a Porsche 911 GT3, reinforced crankshafts, as well as forged connecting rods and pistons. The displacement was then increased to 3.3 liters, while the mapping was reprogrammed to obtain a total power of 1,095 horsepower and 1,135 Nm of torque, all for a weight of 1,600 kg!

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Volkswagen Golf Variant: a formidable berth

To transmit all this cavalry to the ground, the model now has a 5-speed sequential gearbox, but also a all-wheel drive with Haldex limited-slip differentials, as well as brakes taken from an Audi RS 4 B7.

A exhaust line custom-made has also been mounted, to evacuate the gases with an even more exhilarating sound. With the extended wheelbase of the estate version of the Golf, this war machine is even more stable on the road, with hair-raising accelerations according to Jamie, the host of the YouTube channel Officially gassed.

Source: Officially Gazed / YouTube

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