Women’s French Cup: why so many packages in Brittany during the 1st round?

More than 20% of the matches of the first round of the Women’s French Cup resulted in a package, last weekend in Brittany. Why such a high rate? Explanations.

More than one in five matches did not take place last weekend during the first round of the Women’s French Cup in Brittany. The reason ? Packages! Seven were counted out of the 32 posters, or nearly 22%. An impressive report.

Two packages challenge more than others: those of RC Lesnieven (29) and Stade Saint-Aubin (35), two Regional 2 clubs.

“We have been faced with many injuries, regrets Enrique Vaucant, head of women’s football at RCL. Five players were injured and two were working weekends. »

This last problem would come up regularly in women’s teams, which generally do not have the same reserve of players as in their male counterparts. “Many work on weekends, adds Enrique Vaucant. It takes a workforce of at least 20 players to compensate for regular absences. We have, for example, four players who have worked on certain weekends, two of whom are concerned every other weekend. »

Also contacted, Stade Saint-Aubin did not wish to comment on the reason for his package.

“We should have played the Coupe de France after the first day of the championship”

“There were also packages among the boys in the first round, tempers Sylvain Lorant, regional technical adviser in charge of women’s practices. As with the boys, it’s due to a lack of squad, teams that aren’t ready or a cascade of injuries following preparation. »

“We resumed training three weeks later because of problems on the pitch, explains Benoît Le Moigne, president of AS Plobannalec-Lesconil. With the return from vacation, the players working and the injured, our squad was too tight. Within two weeks, we could have played. Moreover, we will line up a team for the first league match (this Sunday, September 25). For me, he should have played the Coupe de France after the first day of the championship. It was difficult to plan because the registrations were very early. »

Same story with Quimper Italia, who withdrew against FC des Enclos. Several players had not yet completed their medical examination and some licenses had not yet been signed.

A registration error

The last two withdrawals concern two Bretillian teams and the reason for one of them is surprising. “We are a 7-a-side football club, comments Kevin Chollet, president of La Chapelle-Bouëxic. I thought I had ticked off our non-participation in this competition. An administrative error, no doubt. “No chance that it will happen again during the second round, scheduled for Sunday, October 2.



Plobannalec-Lesconil (District) – Plabennecois Stadium (R2) : 0-3 (package)

JU Plougonven (R2) – RC Lesneven (R2): 3-0 (forfeit)

FC des Enclos (District) – Quimper Italy (District): 3-0 (forfeit)


US Yvignac (District) – Briochin Stadium (R2) : 0-3 (package)


Thorigné-Fouillard (District) – La Chapelle Bouex (District): 3-0 (forfeit)

Noyal Châtillon (District) – Stade Saint-Aubin (R2): 3-0 (forfeit)

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