work on the tennis courts has begun

This Wednesday, August 3, a site meeting took stock of the progress of the project. Tennis d’Aquitaine, the company that performs them, will begin with a 15-day phase of work. As explained by Sébastien Godichaut, the president of the company, Tennis d’Aquitaine will first carry out perforations and then drainage works on the courts. The second stage, which has already started for one of the courts, corresponds to a stone laying to separate the new concrete slab from the old one. Then, the new porous concrete slab, the quick, will be laid. After a three-week drying period, two days of silica paint will give the courts their final look. The old back wall of one of the courts, which has cracks, will be knocked down. The two courts will be surrounded by wire netting. The old equipment (referee’s chair and stakes for the nets) will be reused.

To finance this work, the amount of which is around 80,000 euros, the town hall has obtained various subsidies. The club has recognized one, the one issued by the Tennis Federation for an amount of 5,000 euros. “I would like to thank Virginie Moineau from the Gironde Committee who gave us her help,” says Yann Descamps, the club’s president.

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