WORLD CUP 2022 – French team – 51 goals, 9 burials, no renunciation: Giroud, the eternal survivor

June 30, 2014: Benzema – Giroud, only one remains

Didier Deschamps tried before giving up. However, associating his two best offensive elements, with a priori complementary profile, was nothing stupid, but the Olivier Giroud – Karim Benzema pair never really worked because it forced the Madrid player to go into exile on one side in a role he did not want to take on. “Me, I’m a centre-forward, it’s up front that I feel the best. I started on the left, I tried to switch, to look for Giroud. It wasn’t always done well” , confided Benzema in 2012.

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Upamecano, cut for the jersey


The 2014 World Cup between their association. Despite promises against Switzerland (5-2), the two men died against Nigeria in the round of 16. “You are not teaching me anything by telling me that Karim prefers to play in the axis, loose Deschamps in a press conference. I have known it for a long time. What works once, twice, may not work the third time. “It’s obviously Giroud who only plays 5 minutes in the quarter-finals. Since June 30, 2014, Giroud and Benzema have never started a match together.

Olivier Giroud experienced disappointments in Blue but he always recovered

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May 30, 2016: Whistles and insults

Giroud, please hurt yourself“. This May 30, 2016, in Nantes, anti-Giroud hatred crosses the limits of the acceptable. This sign brandished by a child on the steps of the Nantes hotel of the Blues reflects the hostile climate which surrounds the center forward He is blamed for the absences of Hatem Ben Arfa and especially Karim Benzema in the list. Whistled against Cameroon despite a fifth but scored in six games, he shares his astonishment: “I don’t understand whistles.“A beautiful euro will follow where no one will question his status.

Fall 2017: The Lacazette Fronde

From 2017, his club status was weakened. Having become the understudy of Alexandre Lacazette at Arsenal, Olivier Giroud remains solid at the post with the Blues even if a good part of public opinion calls for the former Lyonnais. Wenger counts less and less on Giroud and Didier Deschamps issues a first warning: you have to play in a club to claim a status in the selection. For the first time since the Euro, the Giroud wall is cracking.

Lacazette and Giroud with the Blues

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2018: The World Cup begins without him

While the Euro and the qualifications for the World Cup have installed him as an indisputable holder, Olivier Giroud is relaunching the World Cup on the bench. Didier Deschamps gives in to the urge to line up a will-o’-the-wisps attack: Griezmann, Mbappé, Dembélé. It’s a fail. The former Montpellier player returns to the discussion from the second outing of the Blues, will no longer leave the team and will play 526 of the 539 minutes until the world title.

November 2019: 91 minutes at Chelsea, uncertain future

Second summons. Giroud only played 91 minutes at the club between September 2019 and February 2020. He is going through his most tense period at Chelsea where he only plays match fights in the Premier League. “Obviously he knows it well that for the month of March, I hope his club situation will be betterwarns Didier Deschamps again. His situation is far too uncomfortable in relation to the objectives, in relation to us.“If he remains a starter, his future hangs by a thread.

Commentary Giroud ended up convincing Deschamps

November 2020: The Final Warning

Third summons. And this time, the coach is very clear: “Olivier knows it, the situation he is experiencing today cannot go on forever. For March, he will have to find a solution other than that.“Frank Lampard is no longer playing him, his selection for the Euros is in danger.”It’s far too uncomfortable compared to his personal goals and compared to the France team“, continues Deschamps. A quadruple in December in the Champions League will put him back on the right track.

May 2021: Benzema returns, Mbappé is angry

Giroud is about to live his third competition in the shoes of a holder and everything collapses when Didier Deschamps recalls Karim Benzema. Tense, Giroud poorly masters his media outings and sends a scud to Kylian Mbappé after a double against Bulgaria. He will have to settle for 40 minutes at the Euro. His time is more than ever counted in the France team. Giroud is no longer essential and could even jeopardize the cohesion of the group.

Didier Deschamps in the foreground, Olivier Giroud in blur in the second – June 7, 2021 at the Stade de France

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August 2021: Deschamps buries him

The interview that seems to put an end to the adventure of Giroud in Blue. In a scathing charge, Didier Deschamps made his striker wear the hat for the failed Euro. “I know very well what he did, and did very well, but take the example of Mamadou Sakho, I will always be grateful to him for what he achieved, but that was in November 2013DD slice in the Team columns. Olivier and a few others, it was in 2018, but today we are in 2021 and I am not here to give assurances to anyone.“The international return is in him, he is the collateral damage of the rotten summer of the Blues.

June 2022: When Benzema is there, Giroud is not

After a month of March in the form of a resurrection and two goals, Olivier Giroud does not appear in the list for June. Karim Benzema is back and it therefore seems clear that the presence of the Milanese at Clairefontaine depends on the health report of the Madrid player. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine Giroud in Qatar if Deschamps punishes him five months earlier. The rule seems clear: as long as Benzema is on his two legs, Giroud stays in Milan. However, Deschamps will change his mind, even with a KB9 available. Well him in a car taken not only Benzema ends up capitulating but Giroud signs his entry to the World Cup with a double. Giroud is immortal.

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