World Cup 2022 in Qatar: environmental activists have fun cutting TVs in bars with a pirate remote control

“We feel super strong,” rejoices one of them.

Imagine yourself in a bar, your beer in hand, your eyes riveted on the television which broadcasts the match of the Blues when suddenly… no image. Black screen, no way to follow the meeting. Loss of signal, power outage? No, dice environmental activists Just turned off the TV remotely.

“A form of resistance”

This scene has already been experienced by customers of several Parisian bars, says The Parisian. Equipped with a remote control hacker which makes it possible to control most televisions, activists have fun turn off the televisions in the bars to denounce the holding of the competition in Qatar, strongly criticized on the question of human rights.

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“We feel very strong”, explains an activist who carries out this type of action. It is mainly for “show a signal”justifies Dan Geiselhart at the origin of a workshop anti-World Cup in Qatar during which the pirate remote control was designed. “It’s a form of resistance, but peaceful, at the World Cup”he finished.

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