WORLD CUP 2022 – Thiago Silva: “The Serbian coach disrespected us”

Neymar, Vinicius Jr, Raphinha… It is true that the Brazilian attack attracts all the attention. However, behind, the Seleçao is far from dry. Illustration this Thursday evening, where the Serbian attackers like Mitrovic, only stumbled on a solid defense. While they will never have found the solution against a Marquinhos and a Thiago Silva, still performing as well, the Serbs logically conceded a defeat (2-0), for their entry into this World Cup. Nice proof from the field.

We are always happy when we win, 1-0, 2-0. We are happy when we don’t suffer behind. I don’t like to talk a lot, to cause controversy, but their coach said: ‘they are going to play with four forwards, but is there anyone behind?’. It’s a lack of respect, launched with annoyance, Thiago Silva at O ​​Jogo. We don’t ask anyone to be afraid of us, but a little respect… If you have followed our team, you will see that we have conceded few goals, whether we have played with three or four in attack“.

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The Chelsea player therefore did not appreciate that Dragan Stojkovic underestimated the Brazilian defense, which was nevertheless very experienced. “We tried to neutralize their movements, they didn’t have a real chance to score. I hope next time he can study our team a little better and have a little more respect in his statement.“, the 38-year-old continued.

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