World Cup 2030: Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay candidates for the organization

Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay formalized on Tuesday their joint candidacy for the organization of the 2030 World Cup which will mark the centenary of the competition, the first edition of which was disputed in Montevideo. “It is not the project of a government but the dream of a continent“, declared the president of Conmebol, Alejandro Dominguez, surrounded by the leaders of the federations of the four countries.

We are in this iconic place where the story began“, he launched during a press conference at the Centenario stadium in Montevideo where the 1930 final between Uruguay and Argentina (4-2) was played.”There will be other World Cups but the 100 years will only be designated onceDetails of the draft bid were not disclosed and will be presented in May 2023 to FIFA, which is to designate the host country or countries in 2024.

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We need to make a sustainable World Cup that leaves a legacy for these four countries“, declared the Uruguayan Minister of Sports, Sebastian Bauza, indicating only that the project will be articulated around 14 stadiums because in 2030, as from 2026, the number of participants will be increased to 48 teams, against 32 currently. In Qatar for the 2022 edition (November 21-December 18), the 64 matches will be played in 8 stadiums.

With this move to 48 teams, “it is more difficult and expensive for a country to be a candidate alone“, underlined Alejandro Dominguez, and “a joint organization makes it possible to reduce the level of investments required”, he said without revealing a budget estimate. This could be the sixth edition of the World Cup disputed in South America, after those of 1930 (Uruguay), 1950 (Brazil), 1962 (Chile), 1978 (Argentina) and 2014 (Brazil).

But Spain and Portugal are serious contenders for 2030 and have already been announced for a year their joint candidacy. The United Kingdom and Ireland have abandoned the idea of ​​another joint bid to focus on Euro 2028. Morocco has yet to materialize its desire to become the second African country to host a World Cup after the South Africa in 2010. There would also be talks for an Israeli bid alongside the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

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