World Cup: Anti-drone security, protection of the Blues and fans… What are the missions of the French police officers present in Qatar?

During the World Cup in Qatar, 225 French police officers came thanks to the security system. But what exactly are they doing?

This Tuesday afternoon, in response to a question from the deputy of France Insoumise, Sandrine Rousseau, Gérald Darmanin clarified the missions of the 135 French police officers deployed in Qatar on the occasion of the 2022 World Cup.

Sandrine Rousseau had asked the Minister of the Interior if the French police officers ensured, within the framework of their temporary mission, “the guarantee of the rights of LGBT people”.

Gérald Darmanin replied “that in no case do the French police and gendarmes maintain order” or are “in contact with the Qatari police to apply the laws of Qatar”. The 225 French police and gendarmes present on the spot “are there to protect our fellow citizens and to help us better organize the Rugby World Cup and the Olympic Games”.

Anti-drone mission

But according to the Minister of the Interior, these police forces are in Qatar to carry out four specific missions.

The first is “to take care of our nationals since 20,000 French people will attend the matches in Qatar. They will accompany the consular authorities on the supervision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to find identity papers or to drive them back to the airport in case de or file a complaint if he had to encounter problems on the spot”.

The second mission of the French police is carried out within the framework of “cooperation on major sporting events in connection with industrialists”. It is thus France which is “in charge of the anti-drone policy of the World Cup in Qatar” thus revealed Gérald Darmanin. “They allow all sites and in particular aerial sites, football stadiums or major teams and particularly our French team”. A mission carried out in conjunction with manufacturers who have sold solutions and which makes it possible to “prepare for the Rugby World Cup and the 2024 Olympic Games”.

Motorcycling training also accompanies the delegations in their travels. Finally, the last subject, the GIGN is present in Qatar “to protect the French team and our supporters in the event of an attack against our interests”.

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