Wrestleball, Khabib’s violent sport between basketball and rugby

Wrestball, a violent sport halfway between basketball and rugby, is a new sport that seems to be all the rage, and for good reason, a league has been created and there is no lack of practitioners.

Wrestleball, also abbreviated asWrestball”, is a new media phenomenon coming straight from Russia. This discipline seems to be a nod to “Dagestan basketball” which case Khabib Nurmagomedov hinted at in his workouts. The rules are similar to those of the shopping cart, except for certain details.

Incredible Rules

The matches do not start with a simple throwing of the ball but with wrestling confrontations. At the stage of the rules of rugby, it is possible to tackle your opponents on the ground. And in this sport, there is no need for the latter to have the ball in his hands to do this. The injuries caused can therefore be significant.

A successful croissant

Obviously, the Russian public seems to be there to follow these confrontations of a new kind. The device for retransmitting matches says a lot about the importance that discipline is beginning to take on in Russia. The sport has its own league, and matches are broadcast on an official YouTube channel. The latest match has already reached 140,000 views on the platform.

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