Xavier Richefort, journalist for the L’Équipe channel, is dead

Volleyball’s voice suddenly died out on Friday. Xavier Richefort, journalist for the L’Équipe channel and official commentator of the bullet that fuses, died at the age of 59 following a heart attack. The news suspected amazement until Bologna, Italy, where the France team is playing the Final 8 of the League of Nations this weekend. A competition that his warm voice and his repeated jokes lead to the air, as always. Xavier Richefort loved life, people and words, and he loved volleyball.

He was a historical figure of the channel, whose sets he animated almost since its birth (under the name of L’Équipe TV) more than twenty years ago, after his debut in the Canal + group. He had returned there since 2012 following a few adventures at Eurosport, Infosport and Orange Sport, to comment in particular on petanque, judo and volleyball. His joie de vivre and his good words will appreciate him as much from his colleagues as from the viewers.

Volleyball was his whole life

But for the volleyball players, the journalist was a real member of the family. Born in Poitiers, arrived in Paris at the age of 10, he had been a pro player, a passer with a beautiful vision at Racing then at PSG-Asnières, with whom he had been champion of France (1993) and had won the Cup of France (1994).

Very present in the environment, especially at beach tournaments in the summer, he had seen future French Olympic champions grow up, many of whom are the sons of former teammates or opponents of his generation. He reminded his colleagues again quite recently: “Volleyball is my whole life. »

At the same time, he had made his way as an actor, in works as diverse as opera Carmen or the clip of “I Pull the Trigger” from NTM. Television had enabled him to reconcile his two passions. And above all to share it warmly.

To his family, and particularly to his sons Basile and Gabriel, and to those close to him, the drafting of The Team offers its heartfelt condolences.


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