XV of France. The eye of Castres Olympique on the Blues: “They have everything to be world champions”

The XV of France of Anthony Jelonch, imperial in 2022, a player and staff totally convinced of Castres Olympique. (©Icon Sport)

Before resuming the Top 14, this Saturday (3 p.m.) in La Rochelle, the workforce and the staff of the Castres Olympic closely followed the fall performance of the XV of Francewinner of Australia, South Africa and Japan, and definitely back on top of the rugby world. And even if he was not represented with the Blues this fall, the least we can say is that the Castres are fans of the Tricolores.

Kockott believes that France was “out of the ordinary” in 2022

This is particularly the case for the former international scrum half, Rory Kockot (36 years old; 11 selections), current CO defense coach, who is impressed by this undefeated French team in 2022: “In all sectors, the XV of France has been exceptional and fantastic this year. As a supporter of the Blues, it’s nice to see this team win all the time”, explains the Franco-South African who was marked by the shock between his two countries, that of origin South Africa and that of adoption France.

“As against Australia, this France-South Africa match could have gone one way or the other, but the Blues are still there and know how to win, that’s what’s important,” retains Kockott. “When I analyze the Springboks’ work system, this meeting was not so pronounced in terms of result, what was most important was the commitment he put on the pitch. And when you see 4 guys out on injury after 20 minutes…”. It makes :

We tell ourselves that it will count on the next match between these two nations. In terms of ‘physicality’ and commitment, the Boks are off the charts, as it’s steeped in South African rugby culture.

Rory KockotEx-French international and current coach of the Castres defense
Rory Kockot (Castres)
Rory Kockott believes the Blues have a unique opportunity to win the World Cup in 2023. (©Icon Sport)

Kockott sees France as favorites for the 2023 World Cup

An XV of France in full swing which presents itself as THE big favorite of the 2023 World Cup in France? ” It’s sure and certain ! “slice Rory Kockott. “It is to look at the work accomplished for 2 years and the fact that the French rugby system has been planned for this deadline. The players have grown up, but there is still an average age of 25-26. Winning the 2023 World Cup in France with this group is a real opportunity, because in the next 4 years, I don’t know if we will have the same opportunity to aim for this world title, with the same squad… But for me, it is clear and obvious that the Blues have everything to be world champions in 2023. “

And the Castres technician does not believe that this status of grandissime favorite can be heavy to bear, at home, for the Tricolores: “It’s a question of mental, but for me, the status has no importance on the present and the future. The status is the past and the latest results, period crossed out. We will therefore wait for the end of the World Cup to really answer this question… ”

Dumora feasted at the Stadium of Toulouse

This XV of France of Fabien Galthié really fills with happiness all the French rugby. Like the rear of the CO, Julien Dumora (34 years old), never called in Blue, but who remains one of the first fans of the France team. “I was at the Toulouse Stadium on Sunday to see France-Japan and I had a great time with my children. They were very happy to be able to see these Blues who win and make us happy. 10 months from the World Cup in France, the enthusiasm around this team is becoming quite incredible. We are proud to be able to find a winning French team, with a lot of young players and a new generation that has a lot of talent. »

A statement corroborated by the captain of Castres, Mathieu Babillot (29), international 5 times with the XV of France but who has not been capped for 4 years: “When you are French, you are simply happy and proud of these Blues. Like any supporter of the XV of France, we fully support them behind our television, because they make us proud. It’s great, because they really arouse a great enthusiasm. We want to believe in them and push them for 2023”. The XV of France made in Galthié is unanimous and that is perhaps its greatest victory.

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